Free VST Plugin That Breaks Music Theory!!

Ripchord is a free VST plugin (for both Windows & MacOSX) that literally breaks music theory. A follow content creator by the name of Musician Paradise created some soulful chord progressions for free! It's easy to use & works in…

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Novation Circuit Rhythm How To Make Your First Beat

A beginners guide video on how to make your first beat on the Novation Circuit Rhythm. The Circuit Rhythm is a $400 portable sampler/groove box made by Novation. I'll demonstrate how to use it step by step.

LANDR Chromatic | Output Arcade Has Real Competition!

LANDR Chromatic is a sampler based VST plugin that's free to use! Output Arcade has real competition in the subscription based sampler service! Unlike Output Arcade, you're not forced into entering your credit card to use it! However, there's a…

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Arturia's Free Lofi VST Plugin!! Tape Mello-Fi

Arturia has a free lofi plugin called "Tape Mello-Fi". It's an emulation of the the Mellotron tape effect. So, it's sort of a different take from what's on the market right now! It works on both Windows & MacOSX (and…

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Best Song Wins A Prize! Beat Reviews & Music Feedback!

Listening to viewers music live feedback & placements. Make sure you have your beats, songs, etc labeled correctly! (example: artist name - beat name - producer name "Traptendo - Fire produced by Traptendo"). If you want to skip the wait…

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