How To Lil Keed HBS FL Studio 11 Boomer Tutorial Free FLP

A video about how to make Lil Keed "HBS" instrumental beat from scratch using FL Studio 11. It was originally produced by Rok on the Track. The story beside this video is I was trolling on twitter and ran into the producer of this song. We argued for 3 days straight about who's good and who's not. He challenged me to recreate his beat or make something better (I'll release a 100% version in another video). He made the track using a C minor chord (which basically is the whole melody), a zaytoven 808, and a typical DNC clap_2 used in every damn trap beat! Either way, it sounds good so that's all that matters. Btw, I didn't know who Lil Keed was until certain people made a big deal about him (that's not a diss I just don't listen to popular music anymore). Lil Keed is a rapper signed to Young Thug's label YSL (that's an indie label attached to 300 Entertainment owned by Lyor Cohen). How do you feel about this tutorial? Let me know in the comments below!

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