Ozone 9 | iZotope Went Too Far! Master Re-Balance?

A video about the lastest version of iZotope Ozone 9! I honestly believe that iZotope went too far by adding the re-balance tool. Which gives you the same power it does in RX7. You can adjust three different parameters (bass, vocal, and drum) like you had the trackouts?!? That's an insane amount of power and will save so much time in the mastering process. If you were one of the lucky people who got iZotope Ozone 8 elements free. You get a super discount on the crossgrade price. If you have Ozone 8 then you still get that upgrade special. I this video, I show you an inside look at an un-released project. The artist name is Alamar and we re-balance his song "Kings and Queens" produced by DJ Pain1. I'll demonstrate the new powerful rebalance feature. Do you think Ozone 9 is worth the upgrade? Let me know in the comments.

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