Shiggy vs Fabolous Choosy Free Meme Controversy Red Pill

A red pill discussion video about Shiggy being checked (or bullied) by Fabolous and Cassanova over the "Choosy challenge" he created to promote the song. Fabolous wanted Shiggy to do it for free!?! The issue with that is it's a form of promotion which leads to Fabolous making MONEY!!!! We live in an era where if people aren't talking about you (either positive or negative). Then NO ONE know what's going on. The bigger picture is meme's are the most powerful tool to promote ANYTHING (think about Popeye's chicken). So if you create memes then you have a lot of power in pop culture. One could argue that Drakes song "In my feelings" wouldn't of been as huge if it wasn't for Shiggy dance challenge. How do you do feel about this situation? Please leave a comment below!

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