Yousician Guitar Progress One Month Later Beginner

An update video about my 1 month guitar progress using Yousician. Yousician is an musical lessons app for WIndows, MacOSX, and iOS. You get a free 14 day trail (you have to add a debit or credit card though). You can pay either 119 USD (per year) for one instrument or 179 USD (per year)for the whole package. You have a choice between learning electric/acoustic guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, and vocal. It has it's downsides though. For instants, the desktop version seems to be a bit clunky. It has a lower frame rate that makes it difficult to play notes accurately in rhythmic time. Sometimes you can play the correct note and it will count it as the wrong note. Which makes it hard to get a perfect score. Otherwise, the iOS app doesn't have these issues. The song selection is decent. Not the best but there are some great songs (btw they're cover song). How do you feel about Yousician? Leave a comment below!

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