[Free]Fuck Reddit Drum kits
  • [Free]Fuck Reddit Drum kits
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note: It works in all DAWS that support Wav Format and drum samplers

hear the sounds here https://youtu.be/5_YFyMlaLiU

Over 50 ORIGINAL Sounds made by DJ Ave Mcree of Traptendo. This drumkit can work in multiple genres. It comes with snares, hi hats, open hats, kicks, 808s, rimshots, claps, and percussion.

stuff used to make this

Roland TR-08 (processed thru Output Thermal and Fabfilter Saturn 2) Arturia Drum Brute Impact LP Snare Cajon Caxixi Arturia Audiofuse studio Aston Origin microphone Pearl piccolo snare various drum sticks

VST plugin's used: Output Themal Fabfilter Saturn Beatskillz SampleX Waves Audio Mod Multimix SP950 Sugar Bytes Drum Computer Microtonic Audiothing Hats Audiothing Clapper

DAW used: Ableton Live 10.1.6 FL Studio 20.7

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