Anybody can be a Mastering Engineer with AI

Mastering music with artificial intelligence is a controversial topic! Many people believe that a computer isn't good enough to do certain task. If I was a betting man. . We use artificial intelligence to answer our phone, facial recognition, look up information, write books, and in a not so distant future. Driving autonomously will be perfected. However, the music community believes neural networking can't master a song? I don't think people know or understand how much artificial intelligence has shaped their rational & subconscious mind (see the Netflix docu called "Cambridge Analytica")

LANDR mastering is an A.I. driven website with over millions of musical data points (similar to Google, Amazon, & YouTube). Which has an A.I. that uses millions of song data to create a perfect master (considering the mixing process was done correctly). This process is called "deep learning" where the narrow A.I. takes a set of "Functions", calculates the data points (EQ curves, compression, limiting, maximizing, etc.), and gives the best result possible in a time no human can match! The A.I. Synapse has mastered more than 10 million songs. In a human life time, this is IMPOSSIBLE!

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My "Machine Learning" Beat Tape was mastered by LANDR's artificial intelligence called "Synapse" it's board line perfection (if it wasn't for 2 tracks that didn't meet my mixing standards). Judge it for yourself here or go to my Spotify page.