DJ Ave Mcree's "Machine Learning" Beat Tape is Out Now on All Streaming Platforms!!!

DJ Ave Mcree's "Machine Learning" album display 2 of his biggest hobbies. The main one being a huge AKAI MPC fan & his obsession with artificial intelligence (hence the title "machine learning"). From the artwork alone. You can see the subliminal message "become one with the machines you trust". Which by the way, is an art piece created by the legendary artist Myles Hi (check out his artwork here In the past 6 years artificial intelligence has became more "mainstream" but not accepted. Some people believe it will ultimately "ruin music". While others believe AI will not only improve music but close the gap between beginners & professional musicians. Ave Mcree believes that competition is good & artificial intelligence will "level the playing field". As he used a ton of AI based musical tools.

check out the album on all streaming platforms here