AKAI MPC2500! Classic Hiphop Producer Review!

A video review on the classic AKAI MPC2500 from a hiphop producer prospective. It was originally released in 2003 (an awkward year for hiphop imo). I went to a pawn shop and bought it for $125! The owner thought it was broken. So I named a price and came out with a huge "W". It has the free version of JJOS installed, 16mb of RAM (opposed to the newer MPC series 2gb's of RAM), and the stock CF Card. The pad sensor are a bit wonky but can be replaced for $100-200 more. You can add a hard drive for pretty cheap and expand the RAM to 128 mb for $14. People often ask me "Is it worth buying an old MPC in 2020?" and the answer is "YES!". Famous producers who used the AKAI MPC2500 are Araab Muzik, 9th Wonder, and Alchemist (to name a few). How do you feel about this classic review? Please leave a comment below!

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