Apple iPad Pro 11 Review | A PC Music Producer Prospective

A video review about the new iPad Pro 11 from a Window/PC music producer prospective. I got my iPad Pro 11 back in January and wanted to take time with it. I don't rush reviews like other people and I wanted to be honest. I got the 64gig HD version first and returned it. Then, I got the 256gig HD version the same day! I know it sounds like I'm trolling but I'm really pleased with the experience (since it's my first Apple product ever!). It's very powerful for artist and for 4k 60fps video editing. One huge disapointment is the lack of support for external storage. There's some decent work arounds like Airdrop (if you have a Macbook pro) or the Ravpower wireless router (if you have spare money). The selection of software for iOS is INCREDIBLE (especially for music producers and graphic art)! However, it's above average for music creative and there are some limitations. I find it a bit annoying I can't load 2 or 3 AU3 plugins without it going nuts (at least in Beat Maker 3). Other apps like Korg Gadgets and AUM run pretty well though. So I believe it might be an app related problem. USB type c is amazing (though the lack of a headphone port SUCKS!). Get ready to spend more money on a proper USB type C dongle! Once you get the headphone jack accessory. You'll notice the sound quality is AMAZING! Even the 4 speakers sound great. So would I get this tablet again? Well, I already did lol..

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