Best Sega Genesis VST Plugin Ever! Inphonik RYM2612

A video about the best Sega Genesis VST plugin ever! Inphonik's "RYM2612" is the first true to live VST plugin for all DAW's both Windows and MacOSX. There's a rack version for you Propellerhead Reason fans. Many companies have tried to create a proper YM2612 emulation plugin and failed! Matter of fact, many video game emulators struggle with recreating this sound. One of the biggest reasons why people love the Sega Genesis is the texture of FM synthesis. The RYM2612 Stays true to the 4 operator synth and its 8 unique algorithms. I created 2 beats (so far) using it and I'm very impressed. The Icing on the cake is the RYMcast player that allows you to play, rip wav files, and rip individual wav files of VGM formatted Genesis OST's! The only 2 cons I have for this plugin is the minor CPU spikes (which lead to crashes in version 1.0 which was addressed) and the lack of effects (like reverb, delay, and arpeggios. What you do think about this plugin? Please leave a comment below!

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