Curtiss King Leaves YouTube | Image-Lines Flex (Subscriber Based Plugin?)

I don't know why I haven't posted any of the podcast replays here but I'm starting today. As you know, I'm a faithful creator on YouTube. So when Curtiss King announced he was leaving YouTube to start a subscriber based website. I thought to myself "SHEESH! Thing are getting ruff on this platform!" and it's REALLY TUFF! I mean, Article 13 will change a crap ton of the content creators in Europe's lives! I know you're like "Traptendo lives in the USA". It's a matter of time when our current government passes a bill just like it. The other big issue is the recent ad-pocalypes. Some random person found out that nasty human beings were going to family channels and using timestamp to have kid in (not so friendly) positions. Family channels are meant to be loving and entertaining so the content isn't nasty by nature. Well, major companies started pulling ads from YouTube until they fix it. Causing many people to lose out majorly. 

In closing, we wish Curtiss the best and I hope you enjoy this podcast

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