?EMU SP1200 Sampler Clone? SP2400 Isla Instruments | My Thoughts

A video talking about Isla Instruments new SP-1200 clone called the "SP-2400". The EMU SP-1200 is an old 1987 12bit sampler used in many popular hip hop and house songs. One of my favorite songs that used it is Craig Mack "Flava in your ear" produced by Easy Moe B and Outkast "Skew it on the Bar-b" produced by Organized Noise. The SP-1200 goes for as much as $4800! Which opens up the market for an affordable clone (hence why Isla Instruments is remaking it). Isla Instruments has proven to be worth the money with their MIDI Generator called "KhordBot". So I expect the SP-2400 to be worth the wait! However, the big question is what will be the price? Their biggest competitor is the Roland SP404SX which can do 12 bit sampling for under $400! How do you feel about? Leave a comment below!

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