Finding the Right Laptop for Music Production

How to find the right laptop for music production is a difficult process. Allow me to break it down to you simply. I talk about Apple's MacBook Pro series (current generation only), Razer, Lenovo, & other popular laptop brands. Quick note, I recommend waiting until next year before switching to Apple. There are a ton of kinks in their current OS "Big Sur" related to 3rd party software! However, it's not about the brands (unless you forced yourself in the world of Apple because of exclusive software like Logic Pro X). It 's about the spec's & build quality. The bare minimal spec for a music production laptop should be a hexacore (6 core) CPU with 12 threads, 8 to 16 gigs of DDR4 (16 gigs recommended), SSD hard drive (if possible NVME PCI SSD), & a dedicated GPU for content creation (video editing, streaming, etc.). I'm fully aware of desktops not only being a cheaper alternative but are in some cases "stronger". However, mobility & portability go a long way! How do you feel about this topic? Please leave a comment below!

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