Free Pierre Bourne 808 pack! Kanye West Lower Chakra Talk

Free Pierre Bourne style 808 pack that are all tuned to C. Kanye West said 808s the lower chakra in a negative way. That's partially true but there is a "yang" to it (in reference to the Chinese philosophy "Day can't exist without night & night can't exist without day!"). The 808 can effect the root (lower) chakra but negative side can only exist when you're energy is "negative". Hence why he said "It's rooted in fear & sexuality". The root chakra negative side is materialism, fear, & insecurity. While the positive side is connection, understanding, being grounded, & humble. That chakra exist in your lower spine. Which is important to your ability to walk. I would further expand on it but I think you get the point. It's important that you do research on these topics & not allow people tell you anything. It's worth noting the idea of chakras existed well before Ikutaro Kakehashi (the founder of Roland & inventor of the TR-808 drum machine) by at least 4 centuries prior. You can download the pack for free here