My Reaction MPC 2.8 Update - The AKAI Problem!!

A tech news reaction video about AKAI's new 2.8 firmware/ software update for the MPC. The only problem with that is the roll out! If your going to do an "Overview" video. Why not time that with the actual release of the update? EVERYONE will be able to try it May 14th 2020. AKAI needs to focus on releasing a product ON TIME for everyone and not use "influencers" for fruitless things like an update. This type of roll out leaves a bad taste in the end users mouth. Especially when other companies have open betas where the community can try it ( if you own the software or hardware). It seems like AKAI's not comfortable with end user feedback or only trust certain people? All complaints aside, this update seems very promising (despite them not addressing disk streaming!). It looks like AKAI is improving the workflow for the overall good. How do you feel about this update? Please leave a comment below!

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