Plogue Chipsynth SFC VST Plugin! SNES Preset Tour & Review

A video review on Plogue's Chipsynth SFC VST plugin. It works on both Windows & MacOSX (in all DAW's)! It's a proper emulation of the Super Nintendo's S-SMP SFC700 chipset. The SNES was a rompler that played sample files from the cartridges at a lofi rate of 3000 - 9000hz. The DSP chip was used for that classic "echo" effect. All of that is hear in near perfect form (along with a built-in SFC player too)! The only con I could think of is the lack of other modules like an arpeggio. It's possible this plugin could be a bit mush on older CPU's like a 4th generation i7 quadcore laptop processor (I'm current using a 9th i7 six core 12 thread processor). There's a well known free plugin called the C700 that sort of delivers but fall short of the glory (video coming soon). Let me know how you feel about this plugin in the comments.

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