Polyend Tracker - A hiphop Producer Review

A video review of the Polyend Tracker based drum sampler & what it can do for hip hop based producers. This is an odd machine to say the least but with a lot of charm. Is the charm worth spending $600? Well, I'll leave that up to you. It has built-in scales, randomization features, up to 8 tracks & 100+ steps per pattern, song mode, stock sounds (most of them are "meh" but it still comes with some), sampler, FM radio, wavetable synth, & more. Working with a tracker based timeline is a bit jarring at first but once you get use to it. You'll notice some of the advantages. Especially, once you add FX (you can 2 effects per step). Which can introduce all kinds of wonky & unique patterns. One thing I left out of the video is the lofi features. Which are a bit disappointing. Another con is the lack of ion battery seeing it's smaller footprint makes it ideal for portable production. At least the screen is fairly big. How do you feel about this drum sampler? Please leave a comment below.

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  • John Jones
    John Jones Sun Of A Gun
    I hate it. It's trash

    I hate it. It's trash

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